Racing Boats

Olympic Elite
The Olympic Elite boat is built using the very latest in carbon fibre technology. 

FISA Minimum weight and maximum Stiffness.

Club Class
The Club class of rowing boat is the entry-level Race1 .  With a narrow boat width and proven shapes for racing and training, the Club Class is a popular choice for rowing clubs and schools.  Club class boats are lightweight and made with fibreglass.

Single Sculls
Race 1's proven shapes and construction methods result in podium finishes. Race1 has a wide range of boat shapes and specifications so no matter what your plans are for rowing, we can put you in an ideal single scull.

Pairs and Double Sculls
Race1 builds pairs and double sculls for any crew, club or school.  We have 2 custom moulds to suit all of your needs. They can be built as Olympic Elite or Club class.

Fours and Quads
Race1 fours and quads are the staple of many clubs and schools,

If you are looking for a new eight, the Race1 mould is a proven winner.

Need Some Help? At RACE1 we are here to make ordering the right oars and boats as simple as possible for you. We are always more than happy to talk through all the options with you, or to answer any other queries, to ensure you get the most from your new boat.

Please call us at the office on +61 (0)2 9660 2915, email one of the sales team directly or fill in our enquiry form.

Racing Boat and SCUD Price List

Olympic Class
All boats are built to FISA minimum weight. Boats are supplied with wing riggers and shoes to nominated foot size.
TypeDescriptionPrice (AU$)
1xFull Carbon Honeycomb Single SCUD$9,960
1xFull Carbon Honeycomb Single Scull$9,960
2xFull Carbon Honeycomb Double Scull$16,500
4xFull Carbon Honeycomb Quad Scull$20,480
2-Full Carbon Honeycomb Coxless Pair$16,500
4-Full Carbon Honeycomb Coxless Four$20,480
4+Full Carbon Honeycomb Coxed Four$20,480
8+Full Carbon Honeycomb Eight$38,360

All prices include GST

SCUD and Club class 

These boats are approximately 10% heavier than our Olympic class models. They are constructed from specially selected

composite materials, using techniques that produce rigid durable craft, suitable for all competition levels.

TypeDescriptionPrice (AU$)
1xGlass Carbon Honeycomb Single SCUD$6,250
1x                                     Glass carbon single  scull                                                                                                                                                         $6,250                                                                                                                                                          
2xGlass Carbon Honeycomb Double Scull$13,500
4xGlass Carbon Honeycomb Quad Scull$17,320
2-Glass Carbon Honeycomb Coxless Pair$13,500
4-Glass Carbon Honeycomb Coxless Four$18,320
4+Glass Carbon Honeycomb Coxed Four$18,320


 All New Boats
 Prices include a 12 month warranty on hull and fittings
 Pinstriping up to two colours - no extra charge
 Supplied with wing riggers - quick release optional at $105 per seat
 Delivery is not included