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Welcome to the RACE1 Online Shop

Rowing is tough on the parts and fittings on your boat, especially if you row on salt water.

Race1 can replace your parts on order, or help you select a repair bin for your club, shed or home.

Contact us now to discuss our popular spare parts bundles:

  • Safety Kit - contains the basics required for safe boating and coaching
  • Riggers Kit - spare pins, washers and spacers
  • Slides Kit - spare bolts, wing nuts and end stops
  • Nuts, Bolts & Washers Kit - assorted
  • Lube Kit - lanolin, grease, WD40 - what more could you want?
  • 4 spanners and a shifter - our popular kit, perfect to ship with your new quad or eight.

Seats are more important than most people realise.  The holes in the seats should be aligned to the “bum-bones” of the rower.  Most complaints of sore bums from rowing are due to incorrect seat sizing.  Ask us for more information.

Shoes & Stretchers
Race1 stocks all main kinds of shoes and stretchers, along with replacement components.  If you are using the Velcro system, it is a good idea to have some spares as the Velcro will wear out every couple of years.

Slides & End Stops
Slides deteriorate quite slowly but are available in a few lengths and standard widths depending on the boat type.

Gates, Riggers & Pins
You will always need spares of gates, riggers, spacers, washers and pins.

You’ll find all sorts of odds and ends here, including fins, steering systems, bow balls and more.